Working alongside our team below we also have two teams dedicated exclusively to Contiki and Trafalgar

Contiki Marketing Lab is a new type of agency. A division of BS&T Limited, we are responsible for global marketing for Contiki, the world's leading travel company for 18-35 year olds. What do we do? All the best bits of engaging a millennial audience and inspiring them to travel. From content and video creation, brand strategy, social and creative, to UX and design, website development, ecommerce and performance marketing (plus much more!), our award-winning team of creative, and driven marketeers provides an innovative alternative to an in-house marketing team.

Because of our close relationship with Contiki, their sister company, Trafalgar, joined us a few years after they did. As well as producing brochures for the guided tour travel company, we also have a dedicated team of more than 25 people managing their website and digital marketing globally.

Lorna Green

  • Managing Director and captain of the BS&T ship. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the print & production industry, Lorna’s knowledge is worthy of a gold star. Her strong people-values make for a happy and productive workplace.
  • Specialism: Swerving the kettle
  • Most likely to: Cool the team down from over-heating by getting the beers/ice-creams in on hot summer Friday afternoons
  • Loves: Being a mum, camper vans, Glastonbury Festival
  • Hates: Cling film

Sasha Mortimer

  • General Manager. In her customer-facing role, Sasha gets to put her excellent communication skills to good use, maintaining relationships and making sure everyone is happy.
  • Specialism: All things HR
  • Most likely to: Sing along with Kate Bush whenever Wuthering Heights is on the radio!
  • Loves: People, dogs & other animals and retail therapy
  • Hates: Eating meat

Trace Douglas

  • Office Manager and Lorna’s right hand woman. Trace oversees the efficient running of BS&T HQ. She keeps us all on our toes making sure the admin is up to date and that holiday & expense forms are handed in on time. Or else!
  • Specialism: Making us laugh, even blush!
  • Least likely to Say: “Anyone fancy a cuppa”
  • Loves: Dogs, gardening and French wine
  • Hates: That song by Fairground Attraction

Michael Walton

  • Production & Technical Director. Michael is constantly developing technology to bring about universal efficiencies and optimize production processes.
  • Specialism: Technology
  • Most likely to: Have a eureka moment
  • Loves: Weekends with the family and spellcheck
  • Hates: Bad drivers

Stuart Watts

  • Production Manager. As well as heading up a brochure production team, Stuart is involved in electronic media and web.
  • Specialism: Reaching for stationery on the top shelf of the cupboard
  • Most likely to: Be the first in the office
  • Loves: Spending an afternoon on his allotment, coffee and nice weather
  • Hates: Being late

Mark Brooks

  • Production Manager. Mark liaises with client & print suppliers while managing the team, making sure they deliver on time and to schedule.
  • Specialism: Changing your screensaver while you’re out at lunch
  • Most likely to: Make a full round of teas for the team
  • Loves: Holidays, freedom, cooking
  • Hates: Alarm clock

Dean Turner

  • Senior Production Executive and able wingman. Dean produces the lion’s share of pages, illustrations, graphics & fonts.
  • Specialism: The complete all-rounder
  • Most likely to: Beat you with a 3-dart check-out while he’s waiting for his pages to print
  • Loves: Weekends with family, golf, AFC
  • Hates: Snow

Claire Dixon

  • Creative Artworker, responsible for fine-tuning design work, typography, consistencies and generally making sure artwork is absolutely perfect.
  • Specialism: Making things line up – little bit OCD!
  • Most likely to: Tidy up the paper mess on her desk at the end of the day
  • Loves: Organisation, British Films, Detective programmes, Theatre, nice paper and biscuits
  • Hates: Untidiness and crumbs

Kelly Chubb

  • Content Executive. Kelly is responsible for populating and updating the PDMS system for both brochure and guest documentation.
  • Specialism: Keeping calm & carrying on. With a smile
  • Most likely to: Do too much shopping at lunchtime
  • Loves: Sunshine, black and white movies, kittens
  • Hates: Spiders

Alexandra Fowel

  • CMS Assistant. Monitoring the CMS output for brochure & guest documents.
  • Specialism: Spotting the error
  • Most likely to: Decline a tea or coffee
  • Loves: Holidays, pasta & shopping (who doesn’t?!)
  • Hates: Being cold

Matt Parle

  • Senior Production Executive. Involved with all aspects of production, ensuring print files are correct.
  • Specialism: Keeping Calm
  • Most likely to: Twist your arm…
  • Loves: Laughing, Cheese and Hammocks – you can never be unhappy in a hammock!
  • Hates: People who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious!

David Upton

  • Production Executive. David produces pages for brochures and travel guides for both print and web with an eagle eye.
  • Specialism: Getting in a quick round of table tennis in the board room, during lunch breaks.
  • Most likely to: Raid the office biscuit tin
  • Loves: Living by the seaside. Also maps & cartography (which is useful at work) and listening to Alabama 3 & Screamadelica (which isn’t).
  • Hates: Going to the dentist

Iain Middleditch

  • Image Editor. Iain is responsible for image retouching & digital library management.
  • Specialism: Can retouch & rebuild Rome in a day using photoshop!
  • Most likely to: Tell you if you’ve dropped a £20 note
  • Loves: LFC, Audi, steak & chips
  • Hates: Rudeness

Junior Williams

  • Production Executive. Junior is involved in all aspects of production.
  • Specialism: A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
  • Most likely to: Have three sugars in my tea
  • Loves: A good laugh, Spa days, anything free in London
  • Hates: Walking in the rain.

Vanessa George

  • Artworker and Image Editor. Vanessa is involved in sourcing images and creating pages.
  • Specialism: Image retouching
  • Most likely to: Eat salad followed by cake
  • Loves: Summer, Cocktails and Beyoncé
  • Hates: Ketchup

Ian Hurley

  • Artwork and Image Editor. Ian is involved in image sourcing and colour correction.
  • Specialism: Researching the perfect picture
  • Most likely to: Go for a wander at lunch
  • Loves: A good latte, photography, cooking, cats and exploring London
  • Hates: Spiders and tinned sweetcorn

Sayeed Anwar

  • Production Co-ordinator. Sayeed is our long-term summer temp. He loves us so much he returns year after year – which is great as we love him a little bit too. He creates and proofs brochure pages and supports all other aspects of production.
  • Specialism: Copying prices from Excel to In-Design
  • Most likely to: Worry about the small things
  • Loves: Sunshine and holidays
  • Hates: Hoovering

Claire Cassar

  • Graphic Designer. Responsible for creating print ready final artwork for the brand & marketing pages plus a wide array of digital and print collateral
  • Specialism: All things creative
  • Most likely to: Talk about what TV series I am currently watching.
  • Loves: Summer and Tea
  • Hates: Being cold

Jo Burnett

  • Artwork/Image Editor – editing artwork, image licencing, organising the photo library
  • Specialism: Photo retouching, have been known to retouch my friends into funny images
  • Most likely to: Tell you a nerdy film fact
  • Loves: Films, singing, dancing, laughing and music
  • Hates: Rudeness

Jane Brooks

  • CMS Assistant. Jane is engaged in all aspects of PDMS data, essential for a smooth workflow for brochure production.
  • Specialism: Finding mistakes!
  • Most likely to: Encourage Mark to get the teas in
  • Loves: Shopping, chocolate, beach holidays
  • Hates: Housework

Kate Ercolani

  • Personal Assistant
  • Specialism: Able to Jedi mind trick you
  • Most likely to: Use the company credit card
  • Loves: Prosecco O'Clock, Rome, afternoon tea with friends, unusual jewellery, nice coffee, family time
  • Hates: Glacier cherries

Margaret Carter

  • Office Administrator
  • Specialism: Baking cakes
  • Most likely to: Spoil everyone in the office with boxes of cupcakes
  • Loves: Days spent with the family, sunshine, the Bahamas, Chilean red wine, long walks with Teddy
  • Hates: Clutter

Elvis The Westie

  • Motivational Coach. Elvis will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step as he trots around the office.
  • Specialism: Wagging his tail and generally being an all-round good egg
  • Most likely to: Stare lovingly at you whilst you eat your lunch
  • Loves: Attention, titbits and walks around the park
  • Hates: Sharing